Smart ID Pet Tag


This is the last pet tag you’ll ever need!

The Smart ID Pet Tag gives your pet the ultimate protection. Scan the QR code with your smartphone to easily link your pet's profile to your contact information, ensuring a quick reunion if they become lost. No special app required, simply point your camera at the code and activate! (Saving you the worry and hassle.)

If your pet gets lost, the finder simply scans the QR code with their smartphone which then deploys a text to you with the coordinates of where the scan took place. You'll know exactly where your pet was found so that you can be reunited!

How it Works:

  • The person (rescue hero!) who finds your missing pet scans your pet's QR code ID tag.
  • Your pet profile is revealed so that you can be contacted.
  • You receive an instant notification that the tag was scanned including the coordinates of where the tag was scanned.
  • Make contact and be reunited!

Scanning the QR code on the Smart Wag Tag quickly reveals:

  • Pet's Name + Photo
  • Pet Parent Name
  • Pet Parent Contact Information

This tag is cute, durable, waterproof + lightweight. It's soft edges will not harm your pet. Includes a keyring for easy attachment to a collar/harness.

Benefits to creating your FREE Pet Parent Profile:

  • Update pet parent contact information as often as you like.
  • Add instructions to your profile such as what to feed/not feed your pet when found,
  • Add instructions for what to do when your pet is found, ie call this number or keep away from children.
  • No need for the rescue hero to have to find a vet who can scan for a microchip. Reunification with your pet is easy!